Dance with Destiny, Part I

Gazing at the moon, especially when it rises in the mystic hue of a so-called “blood moon” during a total eclipse (as it did this morning or in July of 2018, see photo), fills us with awe. Though we can’t really put a finger on it, we have the feeling that there is more to such an event than just the scientific explanations we read on the internet. It is caused by beautifully choreographed cycles between the sun, moon, and the earth, as already our ancestors knew. And whoever stood on the face of the earth was naturally going to be a part of it. To them it was the dance that determined destiny.

Collectively and personally we need to know of this dance and its influence on our lives. If we want to understand the mysterious forces that move our world, we need to recollect that next to the sun, also the moon plays a vital part in shaping our life on planet Earth. 

In prehistoric times, people were aware that nature on earth was constantly being formed by both, the sun and the moon. People only needed to listen to the tales their elders told them in the sanctuary of their stone circles. The tales explored the nature of the moon and sun-cycles in relationship to the earth. With the help of protagonists on their journey through wondrous tales, the mystery of the destiny-shaping cycles was illustrated. People were told that it is the sun that brings on the seasons, but it is the moon that provides the rhythm, the measurement. While listening, they were made aware that it is these two luminaries that produce the changing of day and night, dry and moist, summer and winter, which makes everything on Earth grow and prosper. Listening, they learned that the dance of the moon and the sun around the earth shapes and creates all of nature – and with it their very bodies and lives. This dance therefore determined destiny. No sun warming the soil in spring would sooner or later result in no food to sustain them. What a harsh fate! On the contrary, when the sun returned after a cold winter and the lunar moistness flushed in like the tide onto the warmed soil, life and destiny promised to be good. It used to be – and still is  as simple as that. 

Nowadays, by adapting their point of view and imagining ourselves standing on planet earth looking into the sky like our prehistoric ancestors did, we too can view life through this lens and start to see what shapes our destiny. We too can start to understand what their elders meant when telling the stories (sacred stories) about the mysteries that make the wheel of life go round and round. As a matter of fact, we could also start to gather, at least mentally, within a stone circle - or, right here on the internet - and follow, for example, the protagonist in the Slavonic tale "The Sun Horse" on his quest to finding the sun and the moon. He is a seer and needs to retrieve the two luminaries for a land that lies in complete darkness. Sorcerers hold them captive. Just like our predecessors from prehistoric times, we could follow him in his tracks by following the story. Thus, we could learn which secrets actually lie hidden in the mystical creational dance - and become aware of their influence onto our own life. To get a hold of the sun is no easy thing, neither is it to guard the moon; capturing them is a tricky thing, but the protagonist does not give up and succeeds in the end. He manages to not only bring back the sun and the moon, the rhythmic changing of day and night, summer and winter, but he also gains knowledge on how to make a calendar.

None of this is explicitly spelled out in the entertaining tale, because if it were, its technicality would put listeners to sleep right away. However, when the complex astronomical observations that are needed to make a calendar, are nicely tucked away in suspenseful action and rich imagery, we can begin to grasp the information with our heart. That's all that's needed: to feel the beat, move with the flow, and dance along with the forces that form our destiny. (See my book "The True Hero's Journey in Fairy Tales and Stone Circles" or download the Free PDF on your hero's journey.)

In this series, we will explore why there is more to cosmic cycles, and why it is never just a combination of just facts of orbits, angles, atmosphere and distances. By grasping the complex soli-lunar motion, as told in wonder tales and their true hero's journey, we can begin to enhance the collective as well as our personal well-being. So, stay posted for Part II of this series - and share, if you like. Thanks.

©Andrea Hofman, 2019

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