Your personal renewal story 2020 - Part I (first half of year)

Every cycle brings renewal. So does the solar cycle from winter solstice to winter solstice. I call it the sun calendar.


The stages of the transformation process within a cycle are precisely illustrated by European fairy tales. Step by step the heroes go on a journey - the so-called heroic journey - until they have become a new person. The adventures they experience along the way describe the different qualities of time they encounter during the cycle. They want to make good use of these qualities in order to bring about the transformation and renewal that is in their best interest.


The time qualities of a cycle also apply to us, because the term "hero" is etymologically connected with the Old Norse word "heill" for happiness, good luck, good omen and health and describes a person who is in search of it. Consequently, we are all heroes.


At the moment we are at to the summer solstice.  Much has happened, both collectively and personally, since last December. This is because this year (2020) is particularly fateful and we are called upon to renew ourselves, with a concentration of influential planetary constellations and solar and lunar eclipses up in the sky.


In the newsletter we have followed the development of the heroes up to this point. We know about their visions, adversaries and dangers. The experiences they have made equip them for the upcoming second half of the journey. In the end they will have reinvented themselves.


And so can we. We just have to take a close look at our own history of the last six months. 


So that you can see how your  story of renewal is currently being written, I have put together a few questions for you. Take the time over a cup of tea to answer them, it's worth it. According to fairy tales, you will soon be faced with a few ogres (man-eating monsters from French fairy tales) who want to eat away your luck. I call them "shadow forces". In order to keep an eye on the shadows and not loose track, we want to know what our visions, adversaries and dangers are. With the insights we gain, we will have the tools to make this year a success story, or at least not to be eaten by the ogres. 

Questions to your personal renewal story 2020 - Part I

From the winter solstice to the end of January

were the fairy-tale heroes in a situation where something was wrong in their lives. Something was missing. Hansel and Gretel were starving, Sleeping Beauty's mother couldn't have a child, others wanted a bride or just a little adventure.

What did you wish for? Were you perhaps in a relationship, at a job or in a living or living situation that was not good for you, that instead of inspiring you, circumcised you, hurt you or simply underestimated you? Or had your life become too monotonous?


What vision of a better life did you have?


What exactly was missing in your life?



Early to mid February

As soon as the heroes noticed what they were missing and what they would like to have, they began to behave differently. They looked for solutions to bring the missing into their lives. But their search and new attitude aroused mistrust and resistance and brought enemies on the scene (not just anyone can come and suddenly want to be king!).

What would you have actually deserved? Did your demand for more appreciation, better treatment or more open communication trigger a defensive attitude in your environment?




Which opposing forces have stood against you? Was there a boss who called you off, a slanderous intention in your environment or did your girlfriend react openly or covertly hostile? Where there competing "enemies" with a hidden agenda? Or were orders not carried out on time? Were projects or relationships sabotaged?




From the middle of February

The fairy tale heroes no longer felt alone. They now noticed that they were supported in their project. Sometimes helpful dwarves, animals, plants or persons - usually called "old people" in the tale - helped them.

What kind of support did you get? Maybe a nightly dream gave you the feeling that you were on the right track or an intuition proved to be right. Or you were entrusted with the necessary know-how, which now helped you further.




End of February until mid March

our heroes' perspective changed. They began to experiment with how they could deal with their environment differently.

What did you do differently during this time? Something fundamentally different started here. Did you learn how to use a new computer program, were you creative or did you experiment with new conversational tactics?




How did this change your view on life and your behavior?





Middle to end of March

All the activities so far have had the effect of placing the fairy tale heroes under a kind of protective sphere. It is a transformation space. Here they could grow into the person they actually wanted to be.

In what form did you feel protected? (e.g. through the lockdown that took place in many places during this period)



How did you experience a transformation? In this room the masks fall or you suddenly look behind the masks of your surroundings. Did you dare to participate in a zoom call only in trainer pants for the first time or did you get to know your boss from a different side? Did you open up and share your deepest, innermost thoughts with somebody for the first time?




What did you do differently than usual?




Beginning to middle of April

Sometimes the heroes felt isolated. But it was precisely because they were on their own that they gained important insights. These turned into a mission that will later in the fairy tale set things right (in the sun calendar this will be during the end of September/beginning of October).

What insights did you have during this time? What helped you to overcome the feelings of isolation? What had become especially important to you during this time? Have you thought about taking your work more relaxed in the future or even reducing the workload? Above all, did you want to maintain good relationships, stay at home more, look after yourself better, help to satisfy the hunger of the world?




What actions did you take as a result? From these insights came deeds, almost a kind of "mission". What is this mission?





Middle to end of April

It was a time of confidence and new hope. Fulfilled by their mission, the fairy tale heroines and heroes developed a forward looking drive.

What did you do more from then on? What was your energy directed at? Did you spend a lot of time on the playground with your children? Did you put your vision into practice? Did you devour books, take long walks? Did you use the Internet to find out all about your new passion, your mission?




Early to mid May

Soon a new direction began to emerge, which the fairy tale heroes courageously took.

Which new direction did show itself to you? Did a new opportunity open up or did you suddenly see a new road? What inner or outer change of direction happened?





Middle to end of May

During this time the heroes and heroines were exposed to great tension. Should they continue or should they turn back home? It became very unpleasant for them and they had to withstand the growing pressure and fear.

What kind of tension did you have to withstand? Perhaps it seemed to you as if life wanted to put you back in your place. Would you give in and repentantly return to the initial grievances?



How did you almost fall back into the old ways? Your vision and all your progress was suddenly at stake. It was a kind of test on the way to a new future. The danger was to give up everything you had already achieved.



What was the danger of relapse?




Beginning of June until the summer solstice

After surviving the test, the fairy tale heroes were now in good spirits. A special event, a celebration or something similar occurred that recognized their new status. Things would never be the same again! That was the reward for this first half of the journey. Even if not everything was yet exactly as it should be, now there was a breather, a moment of recognition and celebration.

Where do you get recognition? What did you do right? Can you pat yourself on the back for doing a good job, keeping your relationship alive, having improved your work or physical conditions? Do you see how you made the right decisions?




Where is there reason to celebrate? Do you get praise or do you have good sales in your business? Have you met someone nice? Are you getting married? Or are you finally free and can let go of a painful condition?




So what has already come true? Has your vision become a bit more reality? Has your relationship become better, your boss more appreciative or have you fulfilled the dream of your own garden, business, child, dog ...? Did you make the website you have dreamed of for so long? What have you achieved in these six months that you can be proud of?




Please share these questions with your friends, because - as I said - it is a turbulent year full of change. It is in everyone's best interest to be well prepared for the second half of the year, so we can finally manifest the qualities that we so desire and deserve.


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All the best for the second half of the year!



Andrea Hofman

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