Storyteller and Researcher of Folklore, Author and Astrologer

Andrea Hofman is a storyteller and researcher of folklore, as well as an experienced astrologer. From a very young age, she was intrigued by the magical world of fairytales. In her favorite childhood tale, the heroine asks the Sun, Moon, and Stars for advice—and funnily enough, that is exactly what Andrea ended up doing when she grew up! 

Andrea studied astrology and became fascinated with the stories that had been written by life itself. At one point in her studies, she compared fairy tales to real-life biographies and found that they shared the same rhythm. Fascinated, she began to conduct more research and wrote down her observations, not even dreaming that she was about to find the key to an ancient cosmic wisdom that described the biography of the soul - a person's true heroic journey through life. 

Her discoveries can be found in her book "The True Hero's Journey in Fairy Tales and Stone Circles – Match the Hero’s Journey to your Age".


Andrea lives with her family, dog, and cat in the German part of Switzerland, near Fribourg.  She writes, teaches, and works as a storyteller to make the world of fairy tales available to both children and adults. She frequently travels to Sweden to collaborate with the Land of Legends, the United Kingdom, and all other destinations, where remnants of the prehistoric ancestral wisdom can be found. 



Great memories of past events ...

Once upon a time


September 21 and September 22nd, 2019, at The Henge Shop near the Avebury Stone Circle, Great Britain

"Es wa(h)r einmal ..."

Biblical tales   and  other   Folklore. Reflection and Storytelling.

Protestant church of Stettlen,  Switzerland, November 2018

Interview in Swiss German  on  the glassfountain  near Berne and its magical lore  at Radio Rabe, September 2018


"Die Fee und der Glasbrunnen"



Interview in High German at Sveriges Radio, June 2015


Interview und Märchen "Die Geschichte von der Wurst"

... and countless others ...