Deutsche Blogartikel · April 14, 2020
Aus der Sicht unserer Vorfahren, die die Märchen kreiert haben, lebte die Schöfpergöttin in der jenseitigen Welt, auch Anderswelt genannt. Von dort aus formte sie die materielle Welt. Ihr Werk konnte vor allem an ihren Kreationen in der physischen Welt bewundert werden, doch manchmal trat sie auch persönlich in Erscheinung. Davon berichten die Märchen. Manchmal trat sie als gute Fee auf, manchmal als böse Hexe, weil sie den Tod und die Umwandlung mit sich brachte.

English Blog Articles · January 10, 2020
From an astrological standpoint, this moment in time holds an incredible amount of potential. Everything is culminating, the tensions that are brought on by Saturn and Pluto’s conjunction in the sign of Capricorn are coming to a climax and are flanked by the Sun, Mercury and Ceres. It means that old concepts are falling, structures and hierarchies that no longer serve humanity are tumbling over. We see it everywhere in the news, it is truly happening. Additionally, the process is fueled by...

English Blog Articles · December 22, 2019
When I visited Wales a couple of years ago to do research for my book on the connection of fairy tales and stone circles, I could delve right into the spirit of the Neolithic worldview. Finally I was able to put a face to some of their celebrations. While I am always learning new things with the help of folklore about our ancestor’s take on life, I would like to share what insights I gained into their celebration of the winter solstice. Our Neolithic ancestors built Megalithic sites to...

English Blog Articles · October 31, 2019
Have you ever noticed that pumpkins somehow resemble large golden eggs? Many fairy tales speak about such wondrous eggs. They are more valuable than anything in the world and it is THE thing to have. Once upon a time, people in Switzerland seem to have believed that pumpkins bring forth new beings, just like eggs. Read about my research into Swiss folklore and the meaning of pumpkins/golden eggs.

English Blog Articles · September 23, 2019
The time of the fall equinox is here. Day and night are equal again. Light and darkness are in balance. Is this the secret to life? We should take this a lot more literal than we are used to. We should not always jump straight to the psychological interpretation.

English Blog Articles · June 21, 2019
In folklore this is the time of marriage. But it is not only about having found a partner on the outside, it is when we connect with the highest, best and strongest partner - the partner within ourselves.

English Blog Articles · June 14, 2019
It is often one little word, which announces the chance for a heroine or a hero to move on into a better life. During their metamorphosis, called 'the hero’s journey', fairy tale protagonists are taken by the hand by a mysterious power that always seems to be there, when needed.

English Blog Articles · April 30, 2019
At last we have arrived at the threshold between winter and summer. It is the threshold between death and life. In “Hansel and Gretel,” the children must deal with a hag, the goddess in her death-bringing aspect.

Deutsche Blogartikel · April 23, 2019
Gast-Blogartikel von Felicia Hofmann: Keira Knightley verbietet ihrer Tochter Disney-Klassiker wie ‚Ariel, die kleine Meerjungfrau’ oder ‚Cinderella’. Das erzählte sie vergangenes Jahr der Talkshowikone Ellen De-Generes – und wird seither für ihre feministische Erziehung gefeiert.

English Blog Articles · April 11, 2019
Only when a calendar reflects the cycles of the sun and the moon properly will we manage to stay in tune with the cyclical movements of life. Only then will we be able to respond to their rhythmic creational process that shapes the world we live in, and thus participate in the dance of destiny.

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