"A new heroic journey begins every eighteen-and-a-half years. It feeds off the experiences and choices made during the former cycles. One cycle builds onto the wisdom gained of the previous cycle and ideally increases a person’s wisdom with increasing age."

Excerpts from "The True Hero's Journey in Fairy Tales and Stone Circles":

  "An observer  on the face of the Earth would get to witness a beautiful relationship  up in the sky, an elegant weaving of the Sun and the Moon around her  viewpoint. Tying their points of intersection, the lunar nodes, down to  the Earth by means of observation would then link the observer to that  which she observes, letting her become a third party in the weaving  dance. In other words, she who is aware of the Sun-Moon cycles holds

their threads in her hands and participates in life’s weaving."


"However, not considering the cycles as they are occurring in the

sky means forfeiting that chance to co-weave destiny and promotes a  passive watching of a solo artist up in the sky, the Sun, dancing all to  himself. The “weaving” gets interrupted and allows for ideas such as  the Sun alone being responsible for all life on Earth. One thread alone  makes no weaving, though. "

"Fairy Tale heroines and heroes   are walking in alignment  with the divine. Goals of personal individuation and the heroism  popular today are unimportant to them. They strive to integrate all  the creative energies into their lives and they do not rest until the missing  lunar quality is present again and balance is restored. This is when  the alchemy between humans and the divine can happen, when humans  become the representatives of the goddess again.

Copyright Andrea Hofman, Fribourg, Switzerland, 2019