My consultations are based on the assumption that you are the heroine or hero of your life and that your life is a journey. Your very personal life story shows how special you are, and especially what motivates you to keep finding solutions where there seem to be only problems. How can you live a meaningful life knowing that you don't always feel powerless? If you face your shadows and storms in life, your mission and your higher meaning in life will also crystallize. With this you can, like every heroine and every hero in a fairy tale, change yourself and the world around you for the better. For mor information see my book The True Hero's Journey in Fairy Tales and Stone Circles. 

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Find clarity on your path


Life is a journey. If you feel called to change things for the better and you think not only about yourself but also about those around you, then you are like a heroine in a fairy tale right now. No matter which fairy tale heroines you love, they can all show you the way to succeed in your endeavor.

  • Where are you located on your heroine journey right now?
  • How can you act wisely now?
  • Are there dangers?
  • Is there help?
  • What transformation is taking place right now?


Duration 90 minutes, price CHF 195, payable by prepayment or PayPal, student discount: 30 %. Make an appointment


Transform yourself... and find your happiness!


Every problem already contains its solution. To invite happiness into your life, you need to know your map and follow the right track. Your birth chart is such a map. It shows your talents, but also your difficulties that you were born with and it provides you with a path towards a better and happier life. 

  • What talents and difficulties did you bring into this lifetime?
  • What path should you take, what decisions should you make?
  • What needs to be transformed so that you can realize the goal of a happy life and a better world?
  • Where can you expect support?

Duration 90 minutes, price CHF 195, payable by prepayment or PayPal, student discount: 30 %. Make an appointment


Use your karmic remedy

(Prerequisite: "Transform yourself... and find happiness!")


You now know what it takes to transform yourself to find happiness. However, in order to not lose heart on the journey when the going gets tough, you need to know your unique karmic remedy.


In fairy tales, the heroines discover a kind of elixir at a certain point. It is something that always reminds them of their strength. You, too, have such an elixir that refreshes you and gives you new insights when you get stuck. It reminds you of your mission and allows you a glimpse at your higher purpose in life every now and then. Your karmic remedy is able to heal you first, but later it can also heal other people.  


Duration 90 minutes, price CHF 195, payable by prepayment or PayPal, student discount: 30 %. Make an appointment

The treasure in your biography - Your heroine journey


Discover the treasure hidden in your life story. Your life follows the natural cycles of the Sun and Moon, so it has always been a heroic journey, whether you were aware of it or not. So there is magic between the lines of your biography! When you realize how the small and big events are connected, you discover the magic and then perceive your life from a whole new perspective. You realize how unique and valuable you are and always have been. 


Conversations and written journal assignments alternate so that we can discover and assemble your heroic journey in your biography step by step.


Free preliminary talk, sessions 60 minutes each. Package price of 10 sessions incl. writing assignments, redeemable within 6 months: CHF 1,050, payable by prepayment or PayPal. Payment in installments possible. Make an appointment 

Working in the non-ordinary reality




In this session we let the tarot cards guide us into the fairy-tale land of your subconscious. There we will find out where the problems lie and what you can do about it. It is a completely intuitive approach to your problem. The fairy tale images provide a deep insight into the hidden behind the obvious.



Duration 30 minutes, price CHF 60, payable by prepayment or PayPal. Make an appointment


The changing of reality


Fairy tales are traditions from prehistoric times and therefore speak a shamanic language. In them, heroines encounter helping spirits, power animals, dwarfs and giants, evil witches and troll women. They live in miserable huts or on diamond mountains, deep in the forests or fly through the air as swans. All this can be found in the shamanic worldview. We apply shamanic techniques and combine them with Jungian psychology so that you, like the heroines in fairy tales, can continue your journey and mission as well as meet your higher purpose in life. In the process, you find helpers and allies and resolve past traumas. You cut binding soul contracts and work on your happiness in a liberating way on an archetypal level. 


Duration 50 minutes, price CHF 120, payable by prepayment or PayPal, student discount: 30 %. Make an appointment


(only Astrology)


An overview of your birth chart


I will explain you the basics of your birth chart, so you get a first idea of where your


  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Mars and
  • your ascendant

are located and what they mean for you.


Duration 45 Minuten, price CHF 100, payable by prepayment or PayPal, student discount: 30 %. Make an appointment


What is going on?

Your birth chart and the current planetary influences


Do you want to know something about your dormant potential and/or your calling in life? Or do you need advice for an important decision concerning your relationship or profession? Or do you want to know why things are so difficult at the moment and how the situation can be handled more easily from an astrological point of view? You ask the questions and together we look at what the stars reveal about it.


This is a purely astrological session.  


Duration 90 Minuten, price CHF 200, payable by prepayment or PayPal, student discount: 30 %. Make an appointment


The sessions can be held on Zoom or WhatsApp-Call statt. Make an appointment