Your true heroic journey

reveals how you discover the unknown within and without, in the face of ongoing personal change

"A new heroic journey begins every eighteen-and-a-half years. It feeds off the experiences and choices made during the former cycles. One cycle builds onto the wisdom gained of the previous cycle and ideally increases a person’s wisdom with increasing age."

There is much wisdom to be found in folklore. It uses protagonists to exemplify real-life people in real-life situations on their path through real life. Yet, the reason why these tales feel like mere products of fantasy to us is because we do not understand how they were meant to be understood any longer. We think they are untrue, made-up stories since we no longer look at life through the lens of the Neolithic elders, who created the tales. When to us an encounter with an animal in the woods is nothing special, a fairy tale protagonist is touched in the soul because he or she might view it as an encounter with a fairy or a spirit helper.

If we were looking at things from that perspective, we might judge what happens to us differently.


Therefore, understanding how the hero’s journey can be talking of true life asks of us a change of perspective. We need to better understand the fairy tales and their worldview, because they portray life from the soul’s perspective. The true hero's journey marks the soul's journey through life, with events that move the soul rather than the outer personality. These events are not always congruent with the noisy events of regular daily life.


So, if we begin to notice what stirs our souls, we begin to notice the magic that is all around us. Then we, too, can follow the soul's longing to be a part of all that is and interact with it.




 “When I heard about the true hero’s journey, I immediately tried to match its stages to my life. The deep insights into my biographical path added a whole new dimension to my art. Suddenly, I could sense the cosmic order – it gave me goosebumps!” 


Verena Prandstätter, Painter, Vienna



 “To zoom in on my life’s path and see it from a mythical perspective was truly enriching. I highly recommend working with Andrea. Her insights are profound and the results of her decade-long research are absolutely stunning. This could lead many people to more self-awareness.”


Barbara Martig, Opera Singer, Berne


“I developed a more self-loving attitude and detected resources in me I didn’t know existed. Also, I developed a more loving attitude towards myself, which resulted in a more loving approach to others.

In general, finding an underlying theme in my life was amazing and helped me gain clarity of potentials I still want to realize.”


Betina Trunsperger, Therapist, Munich


Copyright Andrea Hofman, Fribourg, Switzerland, 2019