Your Heroic Journey

Wonder tales with their true hero’s journey were created in prehistoric times to help humans align their life path with the cosmic order. In my book "The True Hero’s Journey in Fairy Tales and Stone Circles" as well as in my private consultations, I assist those who deeply relate to the heroines and heroes in folklore and fantasy stories to discover their own hero’s journey in their biography. 


There is much wisdom to be found in ancient folklore, and the cycles these tales portray magically align with the cosmic rhythms that we experience throughout our life. Those natural ups and downs, amazing opportunities and sometimes seemingly insurmountable struggles are all part of our hero’s journey.


What I do is chart your hero’s journey based on your day of birth. This shows you exactly where you stand in your story. When you know what is “supposed” to be happening in your life, where you come from and where your soul gently nudges you, a lot of frustration can be eliminated. At the very least, it will give you a sense of direction and raise your appreciation for your very unique path. 


Looking at the story of your life lets you see the big picture and shows you how seemingly unconnected events are, in fact, interrelated. This will transform how you perceive your life as a whole and might just reveal your soul’s higher purpose. At the same time, it will return to you a sense of basic trust that you are embedded in a benevolent universe, where humans receive help from Spirit when needed, and are even invited to co-create a happy life. 

As a result, my readers and clients get to see how their experiences on their true hero’s journey are their most precious assets. They also get to see how the ancient wisdom of fairy tales can help them find more balance and happiness along their path. 

Your soul speaks 

the language of fairy tales

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