The true hero’s journey is the story of any human being who walks her path of life on planet Earth. It models the calendrical alignment of a human (hero) with the cosmic cycles of the Sun and the Moon.


A subgroup of fairy tales, the wonder tales contain a heroic journey that illustrates how our reality is subtly woven by the Sun–Moon cycles. Their influence on our life and destiny is profound.


It is these processes that go on behind the veil of creation. 


If we want to become aware of the forces that shape us and the world around us, we need to become conscious of the cycles of these two main lights up in the sky.


The creators of the wonder tales, the Neoliths, knew that those who wanted a peaceful and abundant life needed to be aware of the creational soli-lunar cycles. These would be truths worth spreading, wouldn’t they? The German word Märchen for fairy tales implies that the fairy tales hold such a truth, “a piece of news or a message of something, which merits to be spread.”  (Quote taken and translated from “Die Märchen der Brüder Grimm, eine Einführung”, Heinz Rölleke, Reclam, 2004)



Excerpt from "The True Hero's Journey in Fairy Tales and Stone Circles"


So, if you’re interested in stories, whether they be folk tales or movies, you probably find yourself relating to the protagonist and their journey in some ways. You may even find that you not only relate to the heroine or hero, but also look for values that could support your quest for your best life. 


However, many of these stories are based on classical mythology and emphasize war and betrayal, where heroes mostly reflect a male-dominated, patriarchal energy. As you look for role models with supportive values, you may only find heroes who produce drama.


To get a more accurate depiction of heroes who embody our values, we need to turn to the much older fairy tales, mythological stories that were orally transmitted from generation to generation and that offer role models who act with peace and balance in mind. 


This is because the heroes and heroines in fairy tales do not follow man-made, patriarchal laws; instead, they follow cosmic rhythms and cycles and therefore demonstrate the ability to establish a balance between themselves and the life around them. If you look for role models who are guided by inner virtues and driven to nurture peace and integrity, you are more likely to find them in fairy tales and their true hero's journey.




 “When I heard about the true hero’s journey, I immediately tried to match its stages to my life. The deep insights into my biographical path added a whole new dimension to my art. Suddenly, I could sense the cosmic order – it gave me goosebumps!” 


Verena Prandstätter, Painter, Vienna



 “To zoom in on my life’s path and see it from a mythical perspective was truly enriching. I highly recommend working with Andrea. Her insights are profound and the results of her decade-long research are absolutely stunning. This could lead many people to more self-awareness.”


Barbara Martig, Opera Singer, Berne


“I developed a more self-loving attitude and detected resources in me I didn’t know existed. Also, I developed a more loving attitude towards myself, which resulted in a more loving approach to others.

In general, finding an underlying theme in my life was amazing and helped me gain clarity of potentials I still want to realize.”


Betina Trunsperger, Therapist, Munich


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Hidden within fairy tales lies ancient instruction on how to lead a happier and more balanced life. More than 5,000 years old, fairy tales contain voices from a distant past—timeless matriarchal and astronomical messages that are as relevant today as they were five millennia ago. As a whole, fairy tales tell of a heroic journey that aligns with the cosmic cycles of the Sun and the Moon. Neolithic astronomers tracked this balanced soli-lunar calendar using stone circles such as the former Aubrey Circle at Stonehenge. However, with patriarchy on the rise, the Sun began to be favored over the Moon, and people’s awareness slowly shifted away from the original ancient calendar system. This exclusion of the Moon from time measurement had severe consequences. People lost an awareness of how everything was inter-connected, and even began to belittle, disempower, and even demonize the lunar and feminine. Following these unfortunate developments, Fairy tales served to remind people of the old calendar system and of the way that it had provided them with deep intuitions about life and meaning.                             

Even today, the original version of the hero’s journey can still provide us with vital instructions on how to get back in sync with the natural rhythms of the world we live in. This is especially relevant to those experiencing any imbalance or difficulties in their lives. All one needs to do to attain peace and well-being is to become aware of his or her own heroic journey and start to move back into alignment with the cosmic order, as is demonstrated in these ancient tales.


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