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My Life - My Story

Recognize your heroic journey and become equipped with the necessary confidence in your next steps - and in the future


A 60-minute astrology consultation via Zoom

 Incl. two quick guides to your heroic journey 

  • The karmic signposts of your life
  • A personalized segment of your heroic journey


Be a beta tester for my new online consultations and get a consultation at half price (CHF 85 instead of CHF 170 regular price). 


Offer valid until the end of March, 2020.



CHF 85.00


    If you're interested in stories whether they be fairy tales, novels, movies or tv-series, you probably find yourself relating to the heroines and heroes, and to their journey. You may even find that you not only relate to them, but share their values and use them as examples as you live your life the best way you know how.

     Indeed, you really are on your own "hero’s journey" that started the day you were born. It is your story. Each of us is on a path through life which follows an inner intention toward more harmony with our true nature. You could call it a karmic path.

     When you recognize this journey in your biography you will find that you can understand the struggles for what they are: your true nature looking to stay in sync with the rhythms and cycles of nature, in order to fully express its potential and find peace and harmony. This is what the mythological hero's journey is actually all about. It is an ancient wisdom system that is based on astronomy.

     Without knowing where you are located on your journey, you might feel like you’ve been left hanging without an idea of your purpose and direction, and you can experience a lot of unnecessary frustration not knowing what’s going on.


    I help my clients pinpoint where they are in their story” by charting their date of birth astrologically and showing them how their life aligns with the mythological hero's journey of wonder tales. After all, those magical tales (a subgroup of folklore) always know the way to a happy ending, don't they?

    As a result, once my clients begin to own their story, they gain clarity and direction in life and start to move towards a happier life. Knowing their karmic signposts, they notice how their true nature always knows the way forward.


See my book "The True Hero's Journey in Fairy Tales and Stone Circles"

Once you’ve bought your consultation, I will send you an email with a calendar link. Please choose an appointment that suits you and answer the questions (focus of consultation, the day, time and place of your birth). If you have any questions beforehand, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Follow-up Session for Beta-Testers

As a beta tester you may book follow-up sessions at half price (CHF 62.50 instead of CHF 125 regular price). This offer is valid until the end of May, 2020.

CHF 62.50

My Karmic Remedy

A 6-week programme to activate your karmic remedy

This 6-week coaching programme is a blend between astrological coaching and biography work. It helps you to see what is holding you back in life and how to overcome it.

  • Learn about your karmic past
  • Find out about your karmic traps 
  • Move past the threshold of pain and find the karmic remedy to heal yourself and others
  • Recognize the path to a happy future


 The programme includes: 

  • 6 questionnaires for preparation
  • 6 Zoom calls, 45 minutes each

CHF 750.00

My Skills as a Heroine or a Hero

A 90-minute astrological consultation via Zoom

Become aware about your unique skills as a heroine or a hero, and learn what to expect on your journey

  • See where you are currently located on your heroic journey
  • Know what drives you
  • Find out what you are up against
  • Know how to overcome the shadow forces
  • Know where and how to get help



CHF 200.00

Biography work

My Life - A Fairy Tale?

A 4-week programme that shows you how your life resembles a wonder tale

This 4-week coaching programme lets you see the kind of heroine or hero you truly are. 

  • See how your life resembles the storyline of a fairy tale
  • Find out what fairy tale heroes' footsteps you're following
  • Learn how their stories can actually guide you towards more happiness

 The programme includes: 

  • Explanations on the true hero's journey in folklore
  • Unlocking the secrets of your favorite fairy tale
  • 2 questionnaires for self-study
  • 2 Zoom calls, 45 minutes each

CHF 270.00

The True Hero's Journey in my Biography

An in-depth analysis of your true heroic journey through life

     14-week programme 

This programme is a deep analysis of your biography, where we make out the red thread in your biography. Piece by piece we assemble your journey through life and find the underlying patterns that move your true self.

The programme includes: 

  • seven questionnaires (self-study and explanatory material about the true hero's journey)
  • seven consultations via Skype or Zoom (every other week) looking at each of the seven path segments individually (each consultation is 45 minutes long)
  • weekly e-mail contact to help the progress along
  • a written guide to your heroic journey

CHF 1 250.00




 “When I heard about the true hero’s journey, I immediately tried to match its stages to my life. The deep insights into my biographical path added a whole new dimension to my art. Suddenly, I could sense the cosmic order – it gave me goosebumps!” 


Verena Prandstätter, Painter, Vienna



 “To zoom in on my life’s path and see it from a mythical perspective was truly enriching. I highly recommend working with Andrea. Her insights are profound and the results of her decade-long research are absolutely stunning. This could lead many people to more self-awareness.”


Barbara Martig, Opera Singer, Berne


“I developed a more self-loving attitude and detected resources in me I didn’t know existed. Also, I developed a more loving attitude towards myself, which resulted in a more loving approach to others.

In general, finding an underlying theme in my life was amazing and helped me gain clarity of potentials I still want to realize.”


Betina Trunsperger, Therapist, Munich


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