"The true hero’s journey is a much older version of the monomyth and is based on insights primarily gained from oral folklore. It is attuned to the cosmic cycles. Fairy tales contain a complete form of the hero’s journey, and show a calendrical alignment to the cosmic cycles of the Sun and the Moon."

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Hidden within fairy tales lies ancient instruction on how to lead a happier and more balanced life. More than 5,000 years old, fairy tales contain voices from a distant past—timeless matriarchal and astronomical messages that are as relevant today as they were five millennia ago. As a whole, fairy tales tell of a heroic journey that aligns with the cosmic cycles of the Sun and the Moon. Neolithic astronomers tracked this balanced soli-lunar calendar using stone circles such as the former Aubrey Circle at Stonehenge. However, with patriarchy on the rise, the Sun began to be favored over the Moon, and people’s awareness slowly shifted away from the original ancient calendar system. This exclusion of the Moon from time measurement had severe consequences. People lost an awareness of how everything was inter-connected, and even began to belittle, disempower, and even demonize the lunar and feminine. Following these unfortunate developments, Fairy tales served to remind people of the old calendar system and of the way that it had provided them with deep intuitions about life and meaning.                             

Even today, the original version of the hero’s journey can still provide us with vital instructions on how to get back in sync with the natural rhythms of the world we live in. This is especially relevant to those experiencing any imbalance or difficulties in their lives. All one needs to do to attain peace and well-being is to become aware of his or her own heroic journey and start to move back into alignment with the cosmic order, as is demonstrated in these ancient tales.



 ISBN: 978-3-033-06973-2


  •  Learn about the original version of the hero’s journey and see how it is connected to the stone circles

  • Adopt a new view on folk tales, as they are the wisdom stories of our ancestors

  • Learn about the matriarchal worldview, which invites peace and abundance

  • Detect your own heroic journey in your biography, and begin to understand how the inner and outer events of your life are related

  •  Discover how the heroes and heroines of fairytales find happiness and restore peace 

 See for yourself how this ancient wisdom gives your life a deeper meaning and guides you to more balance, peace, and happiness.


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Fairy Tales are the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Europe,

they are our very own indigineous Roots!


Experts in the field have long speculated that folk tales contain information on the social organizations and belief systems of our European ancestors. What anthropologists find in prehistoric times are predominantly matriarchal values. They ensure that nature’s life-sustaining assets are distributed in a just way to ensure everybody’s survival. In the eyes of the creators of our folk tales, planning and managing assets were essential skills to ensure the survival of their communities.  Read more...

Prehistoric Astrology - The Back-Bone of the Wonder Tales


An observer on the face of the Earth gets to witness an elegant dance of the Sun and the Moon up in the sky. Their energies move in a well-balanced cyclical relationship, causing together all growth on Earth. However, using today’s calendar, which favors the Sun over the Moon does not allow for the integration of both solar and lunar cycles. It entirely dismisses the lunar cycles and thus disconnects the month from its actual cosmic length. This again has vast consequences, because it separates our awareness and no longer allows a life in harmony with the cosmic order. Read more

Life - Everybody's own True Heroic Journey

There is much wisdom to be found in  folklore.  It uses protagonists to exemplify real-life  people in real-life situations on their path through real life. Yet, the reason   why these tales feel like mere products of fantasy to us is because we  do not understand how they were meant to be understood any longer.  We think they are untrue, made-up stories since we no longer look at   life through the lens of the Neolithic elders, who created the tales. When   to us an encounter with an animal in the woods is nothing special, a   fairy tale protagonist might view it as an encounter with a spirit helper. 

If we were looking at things from that perspective, we might judge what   happens to us differently. So, understanding how the hero’s journey can   be talking of true life asks of us a change of perspective. We need to better   understand the fairy tales and their worldview. Read more

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