"Ground breaking new material like that of Jung"


Most people know of the hero’s journey. Joseph Campbell made it famous, when he discovered that mythological stories from all over the world have a similar inner build-up: There is always a hero in the story who leaves his regular life with a mission to change the status quo. After many adventures, trials and coming into contact with the divine, the hero returns home as a new person. There are mostly male heroes in those stories. What most people DON’T realize is that the hero’s journey is much much older than the mythological stories found in the written classical mythology. It truly dates back to the Neolithic Age.

The true hero’s journey is found in wonder tales, a subgroup of

the orally transmitted folklore

The older version of the hero's journey can be found in the oral story tradition and reveals a view on life that is closer to nature and features more details and also more female protagonists, because it stems from a matriarchal time. It is found in wonder tales, a subgroup of folklore, which were orally transmitted from generation to generation over the past millennia. "The true hero's journey", as I came to call it, depicts the adventures of a person, who is exposed to the cosmic cycles down on planet earth. Therefore it is a human's path through life, as he or she is exposed to the ever changing influences of the sun and the moon. The human is the hero.

Stories containing the true hero’s journey must have been created around the time when societies began to change from a matriarchal to a patriarchal lifestyle, which would explain, why in the later classical mythologies certain elements in the hero’s journey went missing, got changed or were misunderstood.  

"The true hero’s journey is a much older version of the monomyth and is based on insights primarily gained from oral folklore. It is attuned to the cosmic cycles. Fairy tales contain a complete form of the hero’s journey, and show a calendrical alignment to the cosmic cycles of the sun and the moon."

"So, everyone’s life follows the hero’s journey as portrayed in fairy tales. This true hero’s journey begins on the day you were born. It is possible to pinpoint where you are in your journey and what you already mastered by looking at your age. This ancient way to chart your soul biography will guide you towards alignment with the natural rhythms and will change your entire way of looking at your life, because you suddenly get to experience the cosmic order and recognize the context of your own story. Then you see how your soul always knows the way forward."  


"This book takes us with you on your entire quest and reflections, very valuable and necessary with ground breaking new material like that of Jung.

Andrea Hofman spent years researching a possible correlation between the hero's quest of folk tales and the growth cycles of astrology. Her findings are astounding.  As a spiritual astrologer since 1987, I warmly recommend this important book."

Nina Bentzon-Ehlers, Astrologer in Copenhagen, Denmark

"The true Hero takes you back to your mum´s womb. This is just the initial feeling... Yeah, go ahead, it is the journey! 

It´s touching and at the same time expanding, that´s to say, it is versatile. It is a book which brings journeys you can both use as for your personal development as illustrating business cases. 

Also, the fiction it approaches is unique as for European fairy tales standard. 

I fully recommend it if you want to pick a discovery exciting journey to go on your own for yourself."  Drica Menezes, Astrologer in São Paulo, Brazil

"It's very interesting and partly autobiographical, and I feel like I hear your voice reading.

I did not realize how much is in fairy tales and that they go back so far. Really exciting! I particularly like the interpretations of the fairy tales."

Stefanie Gutwenger, Astrologer in Vienna, Austria

"Your book, like that evening you've met the fairytales, is a treasure box. What a delightful reading! It really felt we were having a conversation and you were telling me your discoveries. It really touched my heart and helped me to understand what I'm going through now. Even my husband, who is not into anything, got amazed when I explained him the concept and we tried the table of ages and parts of the story in the end of the book! ...thank you so much for sharing all of this with the world, you are a star!"

Poema Suhanko, Astrologer in Finland 

"This book is phenomenal. It is very well researched.”

Barbara Martig-Tüller, Musician, Switzerland

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  •  Learn about the original version of the hero’s journey and see how it is connected to the stone circles
  • Adopt a new view on folk tales, as they are the wisdom stories of our ancestors
  • Learn about the matriarchal worldview, which invites peace and abundance
  • Detect your own heroic journey in your biography, and begin to understand how the inner and outer events of your life are related
  • Discover how the heroes and heroines of fairy tales find happiness and restore peace 

See for yourself how this ancient wisdom gives your life a deeper meaning and guides you to more balance, peace, and happiness. 

Hidden within Fairy Tales lies ancient instruction on how to lead a happier and more balanced life. More than 5,000 years old, Fairy Tales contain voices from a distant past—timeless matriarchal and astronomical messages that are as relevant today as they were five millennia ago. Fairy Tales tell of a heroic journey that aligns with the cosmic cycles of the Sun and the Moon. Neolithic astronomers tracked this balanced soli-lunar calendar using stone circles such as the former Aubrey Circle at Stonehenge. However, with patriarchy on the rise, the Sun began to be favored over the Moon, and people’s awareness slowly shifted away from the original ancient calendar system. This had severe consequences. People lost their awareness of how everything was interconnected. They began to belittle, disempower, and even demonize the lunar and feminine. However, in these unfortunate developments, Fairy Tales served to remind people of the old calendar system. The embellished tales showed them how to maintain a balanced connection to both male and female energies, to both the Sun and the Moon. They demonstrated a harmonious way of living with and on their beloved Mother Earth.

Even today, the original version of the Hero’s Journey, which I came to call "The True Hero's Journey", can still provide us with vital instructions on how to get back in sync with the natural rhythms. This is especially relevant when we experience imbalance or difficulties in our lives. All we need to do to attain peace and well-being is to once more become aware of our own heroic journey which unfolds naturally with the cycles of the Moon and the Sun. By doing so, we are moving back into alignment with the cosmic order, just as is demonstrated in these ancient tales. 


 ISBN: 978-3-033-06973-2


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