The True Hero's Journey is found in Folklore and is aligned with the Astronomy of Stone Circles. Plus, it is found in your own life.

Discover who you are, what you are looking for and where you are currently located on your hero's journey.

Hidden within fairy tales lies ancient instruction on how to lead a happier and more balanced life. More than 5,000 years old, fairy tales contain voices from a distant past—timeless matriarchal and astronomical messages that are as relevant today as they were five millennia ago. 

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Traditional Storytelling / Märchenerzählen

in German, English and Swiss German Dialect


According to neurologist Dr. Gerhard Hüther, when a fairy tale is told from memory, more so than when it is read, something important happens in the brain of the listener. The safety of a storytelling setting activates the emotional centers and substances are produced which promote the building of new connections between nerve cells. The fairy tales promote the enhancement of compassion, as well as the abilities to form better relationships, to overcome obstacles and to give hope. When things get dark and dangerous in the tale, but are told in a cozy storytelling setting, there can be a learning effect of a new “virtual” situation. However, it is of the utmost importance that the darkness and the danger are followed by a happy ending. The resolution then ensures the listener, who has started to identify with the story, that the actions were not meaningless after all. Therefore, Hüther claims storytelling of “Märchen” to be the highest form of teaching, since the suspense and the action of the tale are felt yet are not happening in reality.


Excerpt from my book "The True Hero’s Journey in Fairy Tales and Stone Circles"


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