I am pleased to welcome you to my website.  In European fairy tales there is an ancient instruction for a happy, natural and balanced life.  As a trained  story teller, astrologer and researcher of myth, it is my concern to make this knowledge accessible to you and show you how your life can be as magical as a fairy tale.

Touched by magic

If you’re interested in stories, whether they be fairy tales, fantasy novels or mythology, you probably find yourself relating to the protagonists and their journey. You may even find that you not only relate to the hero, but also share their values and use them as examples upon which to base your life. 


Indeed, you really are on your own hero’s journey, which started the day you were born. Each of us is on a path through life that follows the soul’s quest for more harmony with its true nature and the cosmic shape-giving cycles.


When you recognize your hero’s journey in your biography, you will find that you can understand the struggles for what they are: your soul trying to synchronize with the rhythms and cycles of nature in order to fully express its potential and find peace and harmony. 


Without knowing where you are on your journey, you might feel like you’ve been left hanging without a sense of your soul’s purpose or direction. You might experience a lot of unnecessary frustration, not knowing what’s going on.


My consultations will help you to find out what is going on and bring you the clarity you need to proceed. I  will pinpoint where you are in your story by showing you how your life aligns with the rhythms and cosmic cycles as depicted in wonder tales.  As a result, you will be able to own your story and recognize how your soul always knows the way forward.

90-minute consultation

  • Find out where you are right now on your path through life
  • Recognize the red thread that leads you in the right direction 
  • Interpret the signposts and signs correctly
  • Be aware of the dangers and know how to face them
  • Notice the support you are being offered 
  • Understand how your path will change you  

90-minute consultation

  • Discover that you play the leading role in your story
  • See right through the patterns of your life 
  • Become aware of the potential that pushes to unfold
  • Be clear on which conflicts you have to manage  and how to manage them
  • Find the enlightening moments that guide you
  • Recognize how you can intervene in the action of your life to achieve greater happiness

60-minute consultation

  •  Know your unique powers with which you can make this world a better place
  • Understand your mission
  • Know your adversaries and know how to overcome them
  • Use the support you receive

 90-minute consultation

  • Understand the inner longing that lures you
  • Name the injustices you face
  • Understand the dark abyss you gaze into
  • Use your psychic abilities to help you along
  • Understand the higher purpose of your soul
  • Know the elixir that will carry you through difficult times

I look forward to you and your story!


The consultations  take place either personally in Düdingen/Fribourg/Switzerland or via Zoom conference. 


Consultations last between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the topic and depth. They are based on astrological and mythological insights. The consulting fee is CHF 130/hour and can be paid either in cash on site or by prior paypal or bank transfer.


Please contact me at andreaATandreahofman.com or by telefone +41'79'775'18'30

Hidden within fairy tales lies ancient instruction on how to lead a happier and more balanced life. More than 5,000 years old, fairy tales contain voices from a distant past—timeless matriarchal and astronomical messages that are as relevant today as they were five millennia ago. 


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